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Update Final RomRR ResurrectionRemix Nougat v5.8.5 Android


RR-v5.8.5-20171119-kenzo-Final.zip,Resurrection Remix Nougat v5.8.5,RR Got Updated custom rom,ResurrectionRemix official  Android 7.1.2,Redmi Note3/note4 ROM

Sebelumnya boleh baca : CaraUpdate XiaomiRedmi via OTA work100%
New changelog update rom ressurrection Remix android nougat :
core: Prefix and build bison host executable if needed
Bump Security String to 2017-11-06
Update Security String to 2017-11-05
DPC should not be allowed to grant development permission
Add stub for setCursorVisibility RR rom ResurrectionRemix Nougat
Prevent deadlock when using always-on legacy VPNs
Add powerhint function that accepts an array of data
project packages/apps/DUI
 project packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
project packages/apps/PackageInstaller/
AppOps: Add info if app doesn't request any blockable permissions
AppOps: Add icon for "Toggle cellular data"
Correct german translation for 1 registered fingerprint
 project vendor/cm 
cm: build: kernel: Rework kernel module logic
Updated apns for device bringup for S4 Mini - serranolteusc
Added more USA sensitive phone numbers
cm/aosp/cafremote: Make variables local
envsetup: Fix cmremote for AOSP projects
qcom_target: Commonize UM target HALs
charger: Remove battery_fail images
Update initial attach for Tmo US
tasks: kernel: Kill unexisting wiki reference
qcom_target: Add sdm660
Add Correios Celular (BR) APN
 Add WOM Internet/MMS (CL) apn
 Allow setting custom audio, display, and media HALs
CR : SoumyaRanjan Roul, Manish Kr Mehra, YOu and Me..
Redmi Note3/note4 ROM

Update Final RomRR ResurrectionRemix Nougat v5.8.5 Android 4.5 5 Daffi AL farobi RR-v5.8.5-20171119-kenzo-Final.zip,Resurrection Remix Nougat v5.8.5,RR Got Updated custom rom,ResurrectionRemix official Android 7.1.2,Redmi Note3/note4 ROM RR-v5.8.5-20171119-kenzo-Final.zip, Resurrection Remix Nougat  v5 .8.5, RR Got Updated custom rom, ResurrectionRemix  official   Android 7....

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